Inspire your tastebuds.
Inspire your palate.

Step inside The Painted Fish Café and Beer Bar and discover something truly unique in North Carolina: recognizable dishes with a twist. You will find an upscale experience in a completely relaxed, casual ambience where you can indulge in great food, fun beers and superb wines all at surprisingly reasonable prices. Heated outdoor dining includes a spectacular view at the foot of the beautiful Sugar Mountain Ski Resort.


Good food is nothing without something spectacular to wash it down. The Beer Bar aspect of The Painted Fish Café and Beer Bar offers a continually evolving array of artisanal beers in a fun tasting atmosphere. Whether you prefer lagers or ales or stouts, beer aficionados will find beers to dazzle the palette. And if you're not an aficionado, this is your chance to become one. In one taste, you might experience a hint of banana bread while another might entice pomegranate or tease the palette with traces of espresso and chocolate. Naturally, if you prefer wine, you can also sample reds and whites sold by the glass, all from boutique wineries. You won't find any of these sold at your local store!


And just to make sure your dining experience is complete, The Painted Fish Café and Beer Bar now also serves selected fine spirits.